These are different formats of the slides I used for a talk on Spockproxy. The content is the same but the size of the files is quite different. So pick your favorite and enjoy.

PROPRIETARY - The original was done in Keynote, and looks best in Keynote because of all the fancy transitions. Slides in Keynote 6Mb. but you can't play or use these without keynote.

BEST - I exported to Quicktime (which is also proprietary I suppose, but you can get the viewer for free) - it is prtfect, click to advance, full screen and all. But it is 50Mb; not bad if you got good bandwidth. Slides in Quicktime 53Mb.

GOOD -I exported to Flash (ditto about being proprietary with a free viewer) - it works well, one or two transitons got a bit messed up but pretty good on the whole and it plays in a browser. Slides in Flash 3.1 mb.

PLAIN - I exported to HTML - it dropped all of the transitions; the text is there so are the drawings but no rotating cubes or flying fireballs and it's lightweight. Slides in html

Frank Flynn   This page updated on Dec 8, 2008