I’m looking for sharding problems

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I’m going to give a talk on Spockproxy (a sharding / connection pooling only version of MySQL proxy) at the MySQL conference and as I prepare I’m looking to give my talk broad appeal and try to address all kinds of problems folks might have sharding their databases.

So I’m throwing this question out to the MySQL community – Have you looked into sharding your database(s)?  Did you come up against problems that were difficult to solve? Please take a moment and let me know about them.  I’d like to address how to fix them with Spockproxy.  Even if you’ve solved these issues already or have no intension of using Spockproxy your problems could be interesting to others; add your sharding problem(s) in the comment below and look for me Wednesday, 04/22/2009 Ballroom E.  I’ll send a SPOCK tee shirt to you for a good problem but supplies are limited.

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One Response to “I’m looking for sharding problems”

  1. Ben Says:

    Hello –

    In hindsight, the solution was simple, but it took us a while to figure out how to move our auto_increment PK tables into shards and still guarantee uniqueness of the PK ids across shards.

    Also, since we (similarly) couldn’t enforce foreign keys across shards, we had to write code to check references periodically.

    More details (if you care) at http://oracle2mysql.wordpress.com/2007/08/23/scale-out-notes-on-sharding-unique-keys-foreign-keys/ .