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My Electric Vehicle

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

I’ve always wanted an electric vehicle; I’ve looked to purchase one from time to time but I’ve found their either very expensive (think Tesla) or just not very good (think home conversion of a 1973 Nova with a 20 mile range).

So I built my own.  It’s not even up to a Nova conversion in fact it’s a converted Adult Tricycle. But I built it myself, it works, it’s fun to drive and it cost me just under $1,000.  I like to think of it as 1% of a Tesla for about 1% of the cost.

How does it stack up to the Tesla, Nissan Leaf, Think, or any other electric car?  Not at all really – but compared to the Zap scooter, electric cushman, or those “Mobility Scooters” it can kick some serious rear end.

I’ve got a top speed around 25 – you really wouldn’t want to go faster on it. It has a range of maybe 20 miles and it’s something that’s fun to ride.  Not to mention it is a head turner (although I’m not sure that they are not laughing) and it’s cheap to run.  I have my Kill-a-Watt monitoring the  charger and so far – a dozen trips to the market or hardware stores it’s 2.3 KWH which is about 33 cents from my utility.  More on that after I have more data.